About SOS. We are a customer-centered company.

SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS is compiled of industry experts that bring years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art call center solutions propelled by an end-to-end quality-driven approach.


SOS Call Center Solutions is an industry leading call center solutions provider with over two decades on the job. Our story began in the State of New York, when SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS was founded in 1994 to organize and service call centers in various industries across North America. Our goal was always based on a vision to provide our customers with a permanent return on their precious investment in from of a fully functional call center that’s built to perform. Today, SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS helps businesses large and larger create a professional office and call center experience to be enjoyed by leadership and staff alike.

Expertise Comes Calling

Our offers are backed by a proven track record. We offer a wide variety of premium call center essentials ranging from furniture to cutting-edge equipment and advanced telecommunication systems. Looking to build a thriving call center? At SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS, we’ve got everything you need to kickstart or revitalize your business. Our aggressive pricing structure makes us highly competitive, and SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS has positioned itself front and center in the industry by way of our strong business relationships with our vendors and happy customers. Enjoy the best prices, the perfect setup, and all-inclusive solutions.

Call Centers Our Specialty

Acquiring the right office furniture, supplies and accessories entails high-stakes decisions. From the beginning of the selection process to the final installation stages, we strive to create a dynamic and energetic work atmosphere with a functional office solution that fits you right. Because at SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS, it’s not about selling you a load of products, it’s about strategic floor space utilization. This is not just shopping for your office space furniture or supplies. This is the implementation of practicality and affordability to enhance productivity. This is a business-building experience. This is SOS CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS.